Research Project Management Solution

It is a systematic software specialized in research projects management for scientific research deanship and research centers, to provide safe environment for research management, work procedure automation and get benefit from the custom work space based on best global projects management practices. 

This system is considered to be a link in between:

  1. University agency for high studies and scientific research (universities sector).
  2. Main researchers.
  3. Research centers managers.
  4. Scientific research society.
  5. Research scientific dean. (Universities sector).
  6. Workers in research projects management unit in scientific research dean (Universities sector)


The system has some of characteristic, below are some of them but not limited to:

  1. Computerizing research acceptance procedure provided to the research center or scientific research dean.
  2. Automatically judging and managing research projects by the judgers.
  3. Automatically revision for the researches and accrediting them by scientific committee or research center management committee.
  4. Customizing coding and signing mechanism for the research projects through the system.
  5. Following the periodical research reports up and revising them.
  6. Following up loans and financial rewards requests for the research projects through the system.
  7. Following up financial loans settlement by researchers though the system.
  8. Extracting research projects reports and statistical statements.
  9. Customizing work space for researchers for each research project.
  10. Providing notifications feature for researchers and workers in research projects management in addition to other features.